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" I love poetry ~ Come join me as we read."
Betty Halstead Moss


He hung the earth upon nothing
And molded the mountains and peaks
He formed the plains and valleys
And the oceans with waters deep

He spread the canopy of stars
Across the universe by night
He filled the day with sunshine
The earth with life-giving light

He carved the caverns and caves
In the folds of the innermost earth
And wove awesome beauty
Into gems and rocks, He gave birth

With splendor beyond understanding
The earth’s inner beauty is revealed
Behold polished rocks and gems
Our planet’s magnificent yield

Man with his God-given talent
Harvests the breathtaking gems
A rock hewn from a cavern
To a stone of rare beauty it ends


A soul growing older with the passing
Of days, months, and many years
Dwells in the midst of memories
With pleasure or often with tears

Memories of parents and loved ones
In eternity they now are at rest
The soul growing older remembers
And forgets everything but the best

The gentle hands of one’s Mother
Whose touch is ever so light
The voice of Dad saying “I love you”
As he tucks in the cover at night

The bonding of brothers and sisters
Stronger with the passing of time
The soul growing older remembers
How the family ties intertwine

All those days of just living
Special events mark the years
Sharing joy and sorrow together
The memories bring smiles and tears

The soul growing older remembers
The spouse who passed on before
The children loved without condition
The memories in the heart to store

The soul growing older remembers
With the December of life to behold
Memories are life’s wondrous treasures
For the soul growing older to unfold


Familiar and loved are tulips
By the shape of the colorful bloom
Radiating coziness and comfort
They bring joy to any room

The tulip isn’t elegant or romantic
Not too large, too small, or silky bright 
Like a favorite pair of blue jeans
The tulip is always just right

Originally from Persia and Turkey
Where the tulip played a major role
In the art and culture of ancient time
To signify honor was the goal

“Perfect love” is a general meaning
Purple symbolizes royalty of all time
 Red signifies romantic true love
Yellow brings cheer and sunshine

White sends a message of worthiness
Or to express forgiveness sincere
Variegated in colorful patterns
They express passion laced with a tear

With the sentiments tied to the tulip
Their esteem continues to grow
Is it any wonder we love tulips?
Tied in a bow they make a great show


Listen to the sounds you hear
Watch to see what lies ahead
Take care lest you submit to fear
Heed good judgement instead

Folks who dwelled in times past
Floundered in darkness there
Watching, hearing, seeing at last
The canard a soothsayer will share

“Beware the Ides of March,” he said
The soothsayer with Caesar near
The assassin waited to the day
Julius Caesar had much to fear

Define in truth the Ides of March
Ides means to divide in two
Ides being split day of the month
March 15 Caesar bid the world adieu

Tragic events filled the date with scorn
Superstition ruled the darkest ages
“Beware the Ides of March” trudged on
Superstition filled history’s pages