Exciting fiction characters living in the pages of my books are anxious to meet you and share their action packed lives.  The goal is to entertain as well as encourage more enthusiasm for the written word.  Although I appreciate and support electronic communication in all its wonderful new innovations, I challenge you to turn off the television and enjoy the pleasure of relaxing for a few hours with a good book.  Can the mystic of creating pictures in the mind when reading a good story be replaced by a television picture? 

Old philosophers say variety is the spice of life. Assuming this is true and can be applied to any subject, I offer my particular seasoning to flavor and color the literary world I touch. These pages provide a diverse measure of action, imagination, romance, reality, humor, and mystery to stimulate, motivate, and ensure your pleasure.  To be thoroughly entertained or loosely informed, choose one of the books and enjoy the read.  If you have five minutes or five hours, the lively variety of words will most certainly fill them graciously. 

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              IN MEMORY OF

            SHEPHERD MOSS
1933 - 2010
If you are joining me on my bench for the first time, please be seated and let's chat.  You can reach me at the above contact info.   I'm still amazed at the world around me.  It continues to turn, but one has to wonder how when observing conditions both physically and politically.   I worry about my grandchildren and  the hopeless task of rising above the undisciplined, depraved culture my generation is leaving to them.  We have fallen for the myth that freedom is free of  cost.  When, in fact, the freedoms we are at risk of losing came to us through great sacrifice and discipline of citizens and government.  Our nation must repent, that means "to turn and go the opposite way" so that we can gain our self-respect and the respect of the world again.  We can make a better world- one step at a time.

Summer is over and fall is upon us.  The calendar may be showing end of summer, but the back porch feels no change.  Of course, fall may be different for me this year as I am now residing in New Orleans instead of Atlanta.  I find the change an exciting new adventure that I hope will be rewarding.  I miss Atlanta and the host of friends I left there.  A healthy summer has rewarded me with two new books published recently.  A book of short stories, AND THEN SOME, available at Amazon.com in both printed and Kindle versions is an entertaining group of stories authored by both Shep and me.  The printed version is available at this web site.The other publication is my collection of  poetry, RHYME TYME, available at Amazon.com and this web site. I hope you will find them interesting and add them to your library.  

November 8th is my birth date and I roll over another year into the circle of life's history.  This has been an eventful year for me as I have relocated to New Orleans to be with my daughter.  Leaving old friends and relatives behind has been a stressful and sad occasion.  I am overwhelmed with the farewell extended to me by my church, friends, and community.  My heartfelt thanks to McDonough, GA.
With expectation of a new venture, I began to reach out for new friends by requesting to be included as a member with a new congregation of the Church of Christ. I  found wonderful, friendly fellow Christians at the DeGaulle Congregation, and I expect to continue actively with the Lord's work.  I hope to continue writing and my new found love of painting.  I'm looking forward to the holidays, although I will miss the Library Storytelling and Christmas with the Arts in McDonough, events that have made my last few years eventful and productive.  And so, I complete eighty years on the planet with enthusiasm for the future, thanksgiving for the past, and preparation for eternity.  I am grateful for the years God has given to me, thankful for my wonderful family and friends, and I sincerely hope I have left a footprint on this journey to be remembered, And Then Some.

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How time flies.  The holidays are past history and the new year is well underway.  The weather has been dreadful almost everywhere, but for my part, I am grateful to be alive and well.  Now that I reside in New Orleans, I understand that this being a tropical climate, mild temperatures are normal.  However, I haven't been outside without a sweater or coat for weeks.  Very unusual, so say the local residents.  So be it, I do like my new location and look forward to becoming more active in the area very soon.  I am writing everyday and hope to have a new title out this year.  Please check out the web site and let me hear from you.  bettyj1133@aol.com