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                 1933 - 2010

   Recently published are four novels that I  encourage you to read. The series is entitled, THE  HAMILTON WOMEN, and the plots include exciting characters, members of a family living in East Texas.  The stories are fictional but include history relative to the time period in which they live.  Love stories to delight the general audience who prefers to read without rated language or explicit inappropriate scenes.  If you love aviation, the thirties thru sixties time period, and enjoy lively unpredictable characters, you will love the folks that live at Back of the Moon in Texas. Check them out, book lovers; they are really inexpensive on Kindle. 

1960 - 2014
WWII Saga of the lives of three women
living with war conditions on the home front.
Husbands away and homes and children to 
maintain alone.  Fiction, with characters who
could have been your mother, your sister, or
possibly you.  Available at

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In a world filled with overwhelming problems, one must feel encouraged by the beauty God permits us to enjoy regardless of how thankless we are as a nation.  I often feel discouraged, and the mood drifts through my pen possibly discouraging others as well.  I apologize for that attitude.  We are certainly living in dangerous times.  As I think about the beautiful day outside my window this morning, I'm awed at how clean and green the real world can be.  Since writing is my passion, my thoughts are destined to slip through my pen and betray my character, emotion, and faith.  Experience reminds me that when perilous times overtake me, it's helpful to change direction, spend prayerful time in meditation with God and His Word.  I also find that much can be gained by allowing my mind to drift into a frivolous plateau where rest and relaxation can be beneficial and refreshing.  Perhaps this state could be referred to as "stopping the world and getting off for a spell, or taking time to smell the roses."

I'm preparing a collection of personalized poetry to share especially with my family.  Included is a poem written earlier in my life entitled, It's  Only Make Belief.  In reviewing the poem, I realized I have more than one citizenship in this world.  I'm first and foremost a citizen of the Kingdom of God, doing my best to serve Him faithfully; I'm a citizen of the USA, born into that relationship by reason of geography (for which I'm forever grateful).  But I find myself to be a citizen in another nation, one shared by creative minds whether it be written word, artist's palette, the musician, or any creative venture found among us that of "Imagi-Nation."

I recall vivid early childhood memories of visiting this place with friendships that lasted for long periods, perhaps disappearing only as I matured to a different level.  Traveling to the Imagi-Nation is the shortest, least costly trip you will ever take.  You won't need a ticket, new wardrobe, or a companion for this trip.  Just close your eyes, climb on a train, plane, or ship to any destination you choose.  Even a spaceship to the unknown.  You can stay five minutes or five hours-time is not measured or used in Imagi-Nation.  It simply exists along with all the other trimmings.  You can live in a mansion with lovely décor, shop in the finest, most elegant stores, and it's free.  Wear the most delightful gowns with fine gems, the most elegant you can conjure up in your mind.  You bask in perfect relationships without dispute unless you want to argue, and, of course, you always win.  In Imagi-Nation you are perfect, happy, in charge of everything.  You can go there instantly, and interrupt the visit for a moment of reality, if you must, or you can just stay as long as your real life will allow.  Imagi-Nation is there no matter where you are in real life; the doctor's office, middle of the night when you can't sleep, or simply relaxing in the back yard swing on a lovely afternoon.  Imagi-Nation allows you to be in perfect health, the most beautiful person in the room, the smartest scholar in the board room, the pilot of an airplane, an astronaut on the way to Mars, a nurse or brain surgeon, the possibilities are limitless in the Imagi-Nation.

The only qualification for citizenship in this place is the ability to close your eyes and dream-like a movie rolling past your mind.  You can stop the film and return anytime.

All writers are citizens of Imagi-Nation.  It's the place where ideas are born, where music is created, where artists find inspiration.  It's the place where the sick can find health, the grieved will  feel  comforted, the depressed will find peace, the lonely will find companionship, the elderly will find youth, and the young will find motivation and inspiration.  Close your eyes, smell the scent of a lovely rose garden, relax, and enjoy a visit to Imagi-Nation.  You'll be fortified with stamina to again face the World News on Channel whatever.  Have a great Thanksgiving.

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