Author & Artist  ~ Born in 1933 West Virginia and transplanted to Texas in the post war forties, the author loves to read and enjoys writing short stories and poetry. Aware of an imaginary and fantasy world, when as a little girl, she stood in front of her grandmother's china cabinet and danced around with her pretend playmate, she began creating stories. Limited to a secondary education, she broadened her knowledge by reading, travel, and serving as a professional customer relations representative for many years As an active senior citizen, mother and great-grandmother, she contends her education continues to evolve.

 THE HAMILTON WOMEN SERIES includes second editions of  "MILLIE'" and "ALLYSON" with characters beginning in the late 1860s and ending in the 1960s. One hundred years of exciting living.

Recently published are four novels that I encourage you to read. The series is entitled, THE HAMILTON WOMEN, and the plots include exciting characters, members of a family living in East Texas. The stories are fictional but include history relative to the time period in which they live. Love stories to delight the general audience who prefers to read without rated language or explicit inappropriate scenes. If you love aviation, the thirties thru sixties time period, and enjoy lively unpredictable characters, you will love the folks that live at Back of the Moon in Texas. Check them out, book lovers; they are really inexpensive on Kindle. "All about Allyson"-"Back of the Moon"-"Blue Moon Rises"-"December Moon"-"The Moon Connection"
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Betty Halstead Moss

Action packed adventures for boys and girls. Check them out at Kindle format $2.99. Also in paperback.